Quasar Spectre

The price above is a Spectre 80 with a nickel finish.


Various Halorings visible on a cloudy day. An asymmetric composition of various rings but completely in balance. The circuitboards have leds on both sides. 2/3 of the light goes down and 1/3 goes up.


Lumen Output:

The mentioned lumen value is of the LED before any filter.



Standard Citizen LEDs are CRI 90+ unless stated.


As with all LEDs these can vary slightly in colour from batch to batch.



24 months.


Delivery lead times:

3-8weeks from order depending on project scale.

This product is subject to quotation only due to differing product options. Please email for specification and quotations. The above cost may no reflect cost of the products in the images shown.

Quasar Spectre


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