innermost® Keplar

Kepler Overview

Named after the German mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer who discovered the Supernova, Johannes Kepler, this luminaire is reminiscent of black holes and portals from science-fiction. COHDA have used highly innovative materials for this design, multiplying single LEDs over a large thin surface to widely refract the light and give the illusion of infinity. 
The fine material, which has been likened to hosiery from the fashion industry, creates a fascinating effect, like a kaleidoscope of light rays. With Kepler there is an opportunity to create huge and impressive light installations using very compact and lightweight units.


Available March 2018.


Materials: Polycarbonate, steel, micro-weave fabric
Cable: 4m PVC Cable + optional 1.5m rod for fired mounting
Ceiling Rose: Black cylindrical


Kepler 65
Dimensions: 73 x 71 cm
UK/EU: PK04914502 USA: PK04934502

Kepler 95
Dimensions: 101 x 101 cm
UK/EU: PK04915802 US: PK04935802

Lightsource: Intergrated LED light source UK/EU: 220v USA: 120v, CRI 80 2700K, chip life 30,000 hrs, Triac/ Lutron dimmable
Other: Maximum thickness at ball joint 3cm

innermost® Keplar


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