innermost® - Panel

Panel Overview

Panel came from experimentation with materials and forms that allowed a mix of finishes. The use of both polished and matt surfaces were inspired by contemporary jewellery as well as architectural metal cladding. Steve Jones layers a mix of finishes and forms to create this exciting chandelier with a contemporary feel.

Panel reflects different sections of the interior it is placed in. A statement piece that is available in a wide range of finishes and colours.


Available January 2018 and for pre-order now.



Material: Stainless steel
Colours*: Brass / Gun Metal / Bronze

*Stainless Steel available as special order

Panel 75 dimensions and product codes:
Dimensions: 35 H x 75cm diameter
Brass UK/EU: PP07914030 US: PP07934030
Bronze UK/EU: PP07914010 US: PP07934010
Gunmetal UK/EU: PP07914031 US: PP07934031
Lightsource: Integrated LED Source, 24W 2700K 80 CRI, Chip Life 30,000 hrs. Lutron/Triac Dimmable

Panel 115 dimensions and product codes:
Dimensions: 35 H x 115cm diameter
Brass UK/EU: PP07916030  US: PP07936030
Bronze UK/EU: PP07916010 US: PP07936010
Gunmetal UK/EU: PP07916031 US: PP07936031

Lightsource: LED G9 dimmable bulb up to 500 lumen output and colour temperature from 2200K to 2700K

Cable: 4m, clear PVC cable
Ceiling rose: Colour matches the product

innermost® - Panel


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