innermost® - Membrane 46cm H x 38cm diameter

Membrane Overview

Membrane is glass pendant chandelier by Jette Scheib for innermost.  The skills of the Czech Glass craftsmen are immediately evident in this beautiful piece.

The smokey hand-blown glass body seems to cool and harden at the precise moment bulb and shade become one, forever encapsulating the light sources. Details such as polished gunmetal fittings result in a sophisticated design well suited to high end interiors.  It takes 4 men 2 hours to form each piece; it’s hot heavy work but requires the most skilled craftsmen to get it right. Membrane is versatile and the final look can be defined via the bulb style chosen.


Material: Glass and aluminium

Dimensions and Product Codes: 46cm H x 38cm diameter
UK/EU: PM09913005  

Colours: Smoke glass with gunmetal fittings

Light source: UK/EU 3xE27 Max 100W each, USA 3xE26 Max 100W each

Recommended Bulb: Filament or pearl LED Globe Bulbs with 400 – 500 Lumen output each and 2700K (for warmer with more colour). We recommend dimmable bulbs.


Ceiling Rose: Gunmetal Hemisphere

Cable: 4m, Black PVC cable



innermost® - Membrane 46cm H x 38cm diameter


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