innermost® - Beads 77cm D x 41cm H



Beads Overview

The Beads pendant light is a strong statement piece by Winnie Lui for innermost, available in two designs and a range of memorable finishes.


The Beads range has two shapes/sizes: Penta and Octo both suited to different spaces.  They bring together the best detailing and finishing from designer Winnie Lui’s jewellery craft and combine it with the engineering and technology of modern lighting design. The results are these striking forms which, when lit, provide an array of infinite reflections, as if the interior was inlaid with jewels.

Penta; the smaller size is equal in all dimensions, it’s slightly deeper than the larger Octo and well suited to smaller narrower spaces.  The wider Octo is perfect for large spaces, dining areas, lounges and where maximum impact is needed.

The 2 shapes mixed together in an installation create a beautiful effect.


BEADS OCTO: 41cm H x 77cm diameter
White UK/EU: PB03915001  
Chrome UK/EU: PB03915003  
Copper UK/EU: PB03915007  
Gun Metal UK/EU: PB03915031  


Light source: UK/EU E27 Max 100W, USA Max 100W (not included)

Recommended Bulb: Beads works with a variety of different LED bulbs.
E27 LED Globe Bulbs 500 – 800 Lumen output and from 2700K – 3000K colour temperature. These styles are particularly effective in the white colour and in the metallic options for a softer less reflective look.
E27 LED Filament style bulbs will bring out the reflective qualities of the metallic finishes brilliantly. Best performance would be from 600-900 Lumen Output with temperature 2200L – 2700K.


Ceiling Rose: colour matches the product Hemisphere


Cable: 4m, Clear PVC cable

innermost® - Beads 77cm D x 41cm H


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