Citadel Composition

The circle of light. Versatile rings that allow you to create the composition you like. Thanks to the freedom of number, size, distance and angle between rings, each product will be made to order providing a unique product.


Standard: The rings are supplied with lamps on the outside. Transparent nickel cable and ceiling xations but without the transformer!


Option: Double light (lights inside and outside).


Pay attention of ordering separately the transformer. Instead of xing all cables to theceiling, it is also possible to hang one ring to another ring. The suspension cables will also pass the current.


Prices are provided from the composition of rings, sizes, connection bases, drivers and specification. Please email for enquiries and we will assit with the design.


Lumen Output:

The mentioned lumen value is of the LED before any filter.



Standard Citizen LEDs are CRI 90+ unless stated.


As with all LEDs these can vary slightly in colour from batch to batch.



24 months.


Delivery lead times:

3-8weeks from order depending on project scale.


This product is subject to quotation only due to differing product options. Please email for specification and quotations. The above cost may no reflect cost of the products in the images shown.

Citadel Composition

  • Designed By: Jan Pauwels 1997

    Material: Copper, Nickel or Brass

    The Ring Options (sizes and specification)

    CITADEL COMPOSITION 78: 44 x 0.3w e10 12v led 600lm 2700K

    CITADEL COMPOSITION 89: 52 x 0.3w e10 12v led 780lm 2700K

    CITADEL COMPOSITION 120: 75 x 0.3w e10 12v led 1125lm 2700K

    CITADEL COMPOSITION 100: 60 x 0.3w e10 12v led 900lm 2700K

    CITADEL COMPOSITION 140: 88 x 0.3w e10 12v led 1320lm 2700K

    CITADEL COMPOSITION 180: 113 x 0.3w e10 12v led 1695lm 2700K

    CITADEL COMPOSITION 160: 100 x 0.3w e10 12v led 1500lm 2700K

    CITADEL COMPOSITION 200: 126 x 0.3w e10 12v led 1890lm 2700K

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