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Lutron HomeWorks QS Lighting Control Systems

Lutron HomeWorks QS is designed for medium to large scale high-specification residential projects, providing - lighting and shading control plus AV integration. 



Save energy with unparalleled total home control. HomeWorks QS, designed for exclusive homes, integrates the control of all your light, interior and exterior, electric light and daylight. The system also integrates with other manufacturers for audio-visual and HVAC control, as well, for broader control of your home environment. And it does all of that while saving energy. So you’re not only choosing a system that will redefine your way of living, you’re also investing in a system which can pay for itself over the life of your home. 



Scene Lighting - change the whole mood of a space with a single touch of a button


Whole House Control - control every light on the system from a touch of a button.


Link Systems together to create very large control systems


Eco-Energy - LED dimming saves upto 90% electricity when used correctly


Shading Control - control electric blinds and curtains from a single control


AV Integration - combine the control of the whole house AV systems, and the home cinema systems - create a truly integrated home


Adds Real Value - Lutron HomeWorks QS is now recognised by professional Estate Agents as a real asset, and is valued accordingly 


Apple iPad, iPhone and Android Remote Control 


Control your lighting using WiFi from any room in your home.


Control your lighting using the internet from any where in the World.


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Create “scenes” with HomeWorks QS — preset light and blind levels that you can recall at the touch of a button. For example, press the “Entertain” button on the keypad in your living room and lights and blinds will adjust throughout your home to create just the right light.


HomeWorks QS easily integrates with third-party manufacturers. Control lights, blinds, audio-visual equipment, and temperature controls from a single keypad.


HomeWorks QS integrates with home security systems. In the event of an alarm, interior lights turn on, illuminating a safe exit, while exterior lights flash to attract attention. HomeWorks QS also makes a home safer by automatically turning landscape and security lighting on and off each night.

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Lutron HomeWorks QS Palladiom keypads

Palladiom QS wallstations combine elegant design with intuitive operation. The wallstations allow the control of lights, shades/drapes and HVAC from one location, providing the optimal user experience.

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