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HUNZA PURE LED is an excellent example of how our advanced technology improves product longevity and enhances sustainability through the reduction of energy use and material wastage.

PURE LED is a modular integrated LED system, available for most luminaires in the Hunza range, designed to provide the ultimate combination of light output, illumination control and long-term performance from an outdoor- rated, sealed luminaire.

Powder Coat Finish


Aluminium provides an excellent blend of characteristics for outdoor luminaires, offering excellent durability and heat dissipation.

HUNZA aluminium luminaires are designed to last longer than a standard aluminium fixture for the following reasons:

• Our luminaires are machined from very high grade, solid and hollow bar

stock, (typically 10mm or 3/8”), which means they are highly resistant to breakage, bending or denting and provide a much better bonding surface for the powder coating.

• All aluminium components undergo a 4 step cleaning and chromating process which creates a corrosion resistant substrate.

• The powdercoat is baked at high temperatures for a durable finish which is highly resistant to UV degradation.

• HUNZA is fully ISO 9000 certified as an applicator by Dulux/Orica (www. Full quality records are kept throughout the process.

HUNZA powder coated aluminium luminaires are supplied with a special high-temperature grease on the trim threads to ensure easy disassembly for re-lamping and the fixtures are covered by a 5 year warranty.



The unique properties of copper have made it highly valued through the ages as much for its decorative as its functional qualities. Centuries-old cathedral roofs and spires, fountains in the great cities of Europe, and even the Statue of Liberty all bear testament to the longevity and beauty of copper.

Copper is one of only three elemental metals (the others are gold and caesium) which are not silver or grey in colour. What makes copper even more special is the way in which its colour changes and takes on a unique patina over time according to the environment it is exposed to. It is this naturally aged look - patina or verdigris - that copper is best known for and this adds a classical, timeless quality to buildings and landscape environments.

Copper is an ideal material for outdoor luminaire construction as it has a natural, earthy appearance and excellent resistance to corrosion (rust) over a very long time. Another natural advantage of copper is that any scratches on the surface will not affect the life expectancy of the metal.

HUNZA copper luminaires are machined from very high grade, solid and hollow bar stock, (typically 10mm or 3/8”), providing exceptional longevity and requiring minimal maintenance, and the fixtures are covered by a 10 year warranty.

Note: Solid copper luminaires age individually over time.

HUNZA only use 316 grade stainless in the manufacture of our luminaires, which provides one of the best levels of corrosion resistance for this type of metal. Stainless steel provides a perfect blend of characteristics for today’s contemporary architecture, with a stylish, semi-industrial appearance and the hardness that makes it ideal for high-usage areas, both indoors and out.

Stainless steel resists corrosion mainly due to the chromium content used in the steel alloy “recipe”. Iron, the primary component of stainless steel, is very prone to oxidation (rust) in its pure form. Chromium helps to slow down the oxidation process by combining with oxygen to form a tough, adherent, inert lm of chromium oxide on the steel surface. If damaged mechanically or chemically, this lm is self-healing in the presence of sucient oxygen.

PURE LED is a direct replacement for halogen or incandescent lamps, providing more than 80% reduction in power usage, 12 times longer lamp life, cool-touch operation and very low maintenance.

The main features of the system are:

Cree LED and Plug-In Circuit Board:

HUNZA has developed an innovative plug-and-play circuit board that delivers maximum performance from the market- leading Cree MT-G LED chip and allows the LED to be easily unplugged and replaced in the field.

Cree pioneered the use of innovative materials such as silicon carbide (SiC), which provides high heat transfer efficiency performance for lighting applications. Using SiC as a platform material, Cree has spent over 20 years developing an array of new technologies that far surpass traditional ones.

Machined Alloy Heat Sink:

The PURE LED heat sink is removable, fits snugly inside the luminaire body to maximise heat transfer and is made of aluminium alloy, a material that has excellent heat transmission properties.

Machined Alloy Reflector:

The PURE LED reflector system delivers a single beam of light, similar to traditional light sources, instead of the three point effect seen in many MR16 LED lamps. Beam angles 38° and 60° are available with lens options of 15° and 25° also available.


HUNZA offers two choices of drivers - a plug-in 12 volt ac/dc driver inside the luminaire body, or an external remote driver for added cost efficiency.

Extra Clear Glass Lens and Heavy Duty Gaskets:


All HUNZA PURE LED luminaires use extra-clear low iron glass lenses which increase light output by 8% while also helping to dissipate heat from the LED chip.

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